Tto help residents in Alberta’s small urban centres and rural municipalities enjoy a quality of life that's second to none. We do this through infrastructure investments that:

  • enhance and renew Alberta’s public infrastructure;
  • improve the quality of the environment;
  • protect the health and safety of citizens;
  • support long-term economic growth; and
  • build strong, sustainable communities by giving municipalities the tools they need.

Responding to local needs and priorities by helping to provide cleaner water, better sewage systems, upgraded waste management processes, and safer roads and bridges. Our overall aim is to support "green" projects that meet Canada and Alberta’s environmental objectives, while improving the health and safety of Alberta’s residents.

The Governments of Canada and Alberta are each contributing $107 million . With municipal investments, this program is expected to stimulate more
than $321 million in infrastructure investments over five years to help meet
local priorities.